GAMEE Whitepaper
Arc8, as a competitive platform, counts with seasons where the best players compete for big reward pools of $GMEE.
During these seasons, players compete in matches and tournaments, and get ranked by their skill level in each of the games. With this, players are matched against other players of similar abilities. We believe not all skills are the same, and that's why we differentiate the leaderboards and ranks by individual games.
At the end of the season, the top players in each game get the season rewards.
Each season lasts 2 months with a final playoff tournament where players compete in elimination bracket phases for big rewards by game and ranks.
With a new season, new games and updates come to Arc8 to keep the content fresh, and the competition fierce.
The first season will take place on February 1st, and the first pre-season is currently live with a 400,000 $GMEE prize pool for the top players. All the details here: Arc8 pre-season.
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