GAMEE Platform

The GAMEE platform consists of:

  • GAMEE Prizes (Phase 1): (current) gaming entertainment with over 80 casual-style games and 25M registered users across web and mobile applications on the App Store and Google play; GMEE token will be introduced as a reward for players and a way to onboard current free-to-play audience into blockchain.

  • GAMEE Arc8 (Phase 2): (upcoming) we are preparing our second generation of GAMEE, blockchain-powered. GAMEE Arc8 will introduce skill-based gaming tournaments over casual-style games, that utilizes GMEE for tournament entry fees and rewards. GAMEE Arc8 will support G-Bot NFTs and Game Parcel NFTs.

    • This will come with a network mining app to introduce the concept to new users and generate the first playerbase on the platform. Arc8 - GMEE mining app will allow users to earn GMEE tokens before Arc8 Beta releases.

  • GAMEE Robots (Phase 3): (upcoming) set of robot themed games that will utilize G-Bot NFTs as game characters in their own dedicated games, with the GMEE token used to purchase and upgrade the G-Bot.