G-Bots are Polygon-based NFTs (using ERC-721 standard) designed to provide the ultimate Play & Earn experience in the new era of gaming.
Our main goal is to create a decentralized platform that enables players to participate in its success, make decisions around the game and earn income in various ways.
Players will be able to breed & upgrade their NFTs, play games, stake & earn rewards, access exclusive content and benefits, or challenge other players in PvP fights within the G-Bots Metaverse.
Eventually, the G-Bots Metaverse will have decentralized ownership, starting from G-Bots game characters and continuing to various game-related real estate, whose owners will shape the future and experience of the game.
G-Bots by GAMEE
The first pre-sale of G-Bots Packs was introduced on the 2nd of November. The sale itself is coming on 9th of December taking place at https://www.gamee.com/gbots.
After the sale, on December 14th, opening of the Fist Edition Packs will take place, unleashing the power of the G-Bots inside of these packs.
Find the official collection on Open Sea: https://opensea.io/collection/gbots-gamee
There are only 5,000 Packs within the First Edition, featuring unique designs that won’t be ever sold again.
Make sure you don’t miss out!
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