G-Bot Metaverse is the next step towards the future of gaming.
The Metaverse is based on three fundamental principles - each of them with the potential to revolutionize the game industry.
We are at the dawn of a new era of gaming where players truly own their digital assets, fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), representing in-game currency, game characters, or other items in the game. The key is that the value of game assets can exist and evolve in time, grow with the community and its engagement, and the utility reaches beyond just one game.
That is why we have created G-Bots.
G-Bots are unique digital collectibles, playable and upgradeable game characters, digital assets you can stake, they are your entrance tickets to the world of G-Bots, grant you access to earning rewards and most importantly, to a new generation of games.
Check our roadmap to see what is coming next.
We will be releasing more details about the G-Bots World and their utility on a regular basis. For now, dive deeper into what is coming and follow our announcements for more news.
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