Token Staking
GMEE Token Staking refers to a player choosing to stake their GMEE Tokens, which are then locked in a smart contract and can't be used during the staked period.
This is done in several ways, depending on the purpose of staking:
Stake to vote
    GMEE Token is a governance token that can be used to vote and influence on decisions around product features, content and prize pools. Specifically, we are looking to build decentralized decision-making in these areas:
    game content to be featured on a dedicated Game Parcel and its availability
    distribution of prize reward pools across GAMEE's products
Stake to earn
    Promotional events will be organized over time to enable GMEE holders earn various rewards by adding GMEE to liquidity pools. The rewards will vary, based on marketing activities & partnerships of the company.
    Staking events will be announced on company's blog
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