Token Utility
The GAMEE Token allows holders to enter skill-based tournaments, purchase and upgrade game characters and other in-game items, as well as engage in the governance layer of the ecosystem that allows voting on platform roadmap, new game content, and creation of prize pools.
The GAMEE Token is proposed to have an expanded usage across other Apps and DApps, especially those of parent company Animoca Brands.
Gameplay Payments and Entry Fees
Players will need GMEE Tokens to pay for an entry fee to all skill-based tournaments in Arc8 and G-Bot games.
Gameplay Rewards
Rewards across supported games (Prizes App, Arc8 tournaments and G-Bots games) are paid in GMEE.
NFTs Purchase
Players will need GMEE to purchase game characters (G-Bots) and to purchase various types of Game Land.
NFTs Upgrades
Players will pay with GMEE to upgrade their G-Bot and increase the robot's overall power and stats.
Staking G-Bots will enable their owner to earn rewards in GMEE.
GMEE will allow holders to participate in decisions about the platform features and content.
Voting rights can be exercised on games roadmap, the featuring of game content, distribution of prize reward pools and decidions around Game Land.
See details of utility in GAMEE platform, detailed by products.
Last modified 2mo ago
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