Sharing our immediate roadmap. This year is about building a foundation of blockchain-powered entertainment, that will enable us to bring blockchain technology to mainstream gaming.

We are looking to leverage our popular games platform and to utilize fungible and non-fungible tokens as rewards to enrich and drive the gaming experiences, increase play-to-earn capabilities, and, in the longer term, provide an opportunity to be a discovery platform for third-party game apps.

Q1 2021

GMEE Lightpaper released

GMEE Public pre-sale, vouchers

Q2 2021

GMEE DEX launch

G-Bots NFTs Lightpaper released

GAMEE Arc8 - GMEE mining app (pre-beta)

Q3 2021

G-Bots NFTs Public pre-sale

GAMEE Arc8 app (beta)

Q4 2021

GAMEE Arc8 app full launch

GMEE Rewards in GAMEE Prizes app

G-Bots 1st Edition Public Sale

G-Bots 1st beta game launch

Q1 2022

G-Bots upgrades with GMEE

Game Parcel lightpaper

G-Bots Staking Rewards

Q2 2022

Game Parcel Public pre-sale

G-Bots 2nd beta game launch

G-Bots 2nd Edition Public Sale

Q3 2022

Game Parcel beta launch

Q4 2022

G-Bots Full Game launch

The roadmap will be regularly updated.